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Cyber Risk Aware

Why is assessing human cyber risk important ?


Cyber criminals target people not systems. They have fully commercialised their operations and systems so that they can target people at scale predominantly through phishing emails, smishing (SMS phishing), vishing, malicious websites and software. In over 70% of confirmed security incidents, each was started by the actions of a staff member who had been tricked by a cyber criminal. Staff need help in becoming more aware in how to protect themselves at home and on the corporate network.


How we assess human cyber risk risk…


We assess how susceptible staff are to phishing emails and SMS messages (smishing) using the most user friendly and highly sophisticated simulated phishing and smishing engines on the market aimed at both SME’s and the very largest of enterprises.


We assess the level of staff awareness on security best practices, company policies and industry regulations using cyber knowledge assessments pre training so the staff who need to be trained are identified and again post training so the effectiveness of the training can be measured and reported on to all stakeholders.


How do we mitigate the risk of human cyber risk?


Our platform allows you to easily assess how susceptible your staff is to phishing emails and SMS messages (smishing) using highly sophisticated simulated phishing and smishing engines that scale from SME’s to the very largest enterprises.


Our platform allows you measure the level of staff awareness Pre and Post training of company policies, industry regulations and security best practices using cyber knowledge assessments.


This increases the effectiveness of your training, as priority subjects are identified, lowers your cost as you can target training to the right users and measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of your programme over time.


Meeting compliance obligations?


Using PowerBi we have a highly comprehensive reporting suite so that reports can be produced highlighting compliance to GDPR (Art. 39&47), NY DFS, PoPi Act and industry security accreditations such as ISO27001, COBIT & NIST.

  • Cyber security awareness training provider, Cyber Risk Aware, has struck an Australian distribution deal with local value-added distributor, Orca Tech. Based in Ireland, Cyber Risk Aware specialises in integrated security awareness education and operates a simulated phishing and SMS phishing – or smishing – training......